Busting Myths About Aging: Over 50s Prove Age is Just a Number with Exciting New Challenges


A recent survey conducted among 2,000 adults over the age of 50 has revealed that seniors are becoming more adventurous with their hobbies and interests, adding marathons, hang-gliding, and even tattoos to their bucket list. Video at the end of the article!

New Outlook on Life:

The poll found that 47% of respondents have a new outlook on life, with 53% believing that “age is just a number.” Respondents are eager to embrace new things, with 62% eager to try things they haven’t done before.

Bucket List Activities:

The survey revealed that writing a book, taking up skiing, learning a new language, and learning to play an instrument are among the activities on the senior’s bucket list. The respondents believe it’s important to have aspirations, with 52% of them having something to aim for.

Reasons for Embracing Adventure:

The reasons for seniors embracing new experiences include having more spare time, retirement, and not having children living at home. A new perspective and a desire to show people that there are no restrictions once you turn 50 were also among the reasons cited.


According to the survey, a third of seniors are considered by others as someone who embraces life and isn’t afraid to try something new. Over 71% of respondents still consider themselves “young,” and over 67% are confident that they still have time to fulfill life-long goals. The study highlights that age shouldn’t stop anyone from trying new things, with 19% of respondents believing there’s no age limit when it comes to winter sports.


  1. Travel more
  2. Retire
  3. Make new friends
  4. Pay off the mortgage
  5. Go to more gigs and concerts
  6. Downsize my home
  7. Master a foreign language
  8. Overcome a fear
  9. Move to the countryside
  10. Write a book
  11. Take up yoga
  12. Eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant
  13. Learn a musical instrument
  14. Move abroad
  15. Move to a different city
  16. Upsize my home
  17. Join a gym
  18. Buy my dream car
  19. Take up painting
  20. Start dating again
  21. Climb a mountain
  22. Get a tattoo
  23. Choose a new career
  24. Run a marathon
  25. Learn how to ballroom dance
  26. Buy a motorbike
  27. Get a personal trainer
  28. Do a skydive
  29. Drive on a racetrack
  30. Try surfing

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