Mike Igartúa
Mike Igartúa

Hi! My name is Mike Igartúa, I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a post graduate degree in Human Resources, I’m also a Life Coach. Like many people, at one point in my life I found myself submerged in life’s everyday problems and tasks, while searching for answers about life’s meaning, my mission and existence itself.

In 2008, I watched for the first time the movie “The Secret” and a new perspective full of possibilities unfolded before me. Soon after, I had the opportunity to attend a conference given by a representative of Bob Proctor (one of the protagonists in the movie “The Secret”) where I realized that the movie represented just the tip of the iceberg—not because they were withholding information, but because 90 minutes just isn’t enough time to cover all the secrets known about life to this date. This inspired me to begin an adventure of investigation and studies with many experts and philosophers.

Mucho delA lot of the researched material was not available in Spanish, so I took on the task of translating and sharing summaries of these concepts on my Spanish language YouTube channel. Those concepts, in my opinion, not only are very important but I was able to prove first hand that they work.

In a short time, my life rotated 180 degrees and the blessings have been countless. Thank you for visiting this website, I wish you a fulfilling and abundant life in all areas and especially happiness.

God bless!

Mike Igartúa.